Chat Master of Week
by on February 17, 2018
Ma$terHellCru$her $trike$ again !!!!!!!$$$$$ Wa$ hangin out in chat , and outa left field i get a pm me$$age reque$t .... $o i an$wer the pm and $ure enough it wa$ a weak faggat that wa$ $ent to me . $o i inve$tigated a little a$ked the whore few que$tion$ a$ i interrogated her i wondered if $he wanted to do popper$ and i call her $he becau$e right from the $tart i had her get the popper$ and $tart $niffin AND $HE fell weak i could tell becau$e I MAKE HER FEEL LIKE A BITCH !!!! $he $tarted obeyi...
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by on January 26, 2018
All right Cincy slaves listen up this is your master speaking and you're going to do what the freak I'm telling you to who's up for that challenge you know what to do head out my Snapchat or get a hold of me anyway possible pulled out Wallin out f****** sissies I'll make your ass go like a f****** toilet I'll put your balls underneath the toilet seat and smash them
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by on January 19, 2018
I can tell you right now, I am more experienced online than in person, and in person I am still finding the ways to express My interests and desires, and getting across the differences between on-line submissions to me as my financial slave, over in person enslavement, which makes the whole idea of enslavement become more real. But when it comes to serving me, I can be one of two types of master. I can be a caring and understanding master, or one that you would dread to meet in person for I can ...
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by on January 15, 2018
Headed to Michigan in the A.M you faggots are gonna pay for gas hotel and food    skype me now theresbenny1
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by on January 8, 2018
Was hanging out in master$ ca$ chat just minding my own busine$$ , and outta left field I noticed the bottom dog faggot $eamlessly panting looking around on the new $ite." Of corse he didn't realize until I $aid hello to him for ol time $ake being it had been at least 4-6 months $ince I've $een him and ca$h-raped him. When I $aid hello to him "triggered" him becau$e he came trotting over like a good dog that he ha$ alway$ been to me." ( Our online relation goe$ back year$, wich he wa$n't al...
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by on January 6, 2018
Heading to California in the A.M I will be all around L.A. S.D. and wherever the fuck else I wanna go cough up some casdh homos!!!!!   skype theresbenny1
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by on December 23, 2017
As you will see everybody the faggot gave it 1 last attempt to get rid of me and didn't make it past the door" as you'll see in the next picture from the continuation of blog part number #1 how the fag surrenders just got real because she realizes the only way ill let her sissy ass go now is if i order it , she knows i rule her faggot ass bah hahahaha BlogPic #1  so she goes on to tell me she is sending 1 the owners of masters cash  "master pimp , needing his email  to send over the cash that i ...
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by on December 18, 2017
  hey everyone, welcome to the new site. We need all members to edit there profile and complete there profile so that everyone is on the search lists. So other members can find you. Just pick master or slave and then fill out your profile! If you have any further questions hit me up!!!!!!!
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by on December 17, 2017
When you are trying to join video chat click that then rooms and join lobby that will get you into the chat. where everyone is at 
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by on November 1, 2017
“Hot to see you fucking over faggots again, Sir,” Trust Fund commented last night. “Yeah, some bait for the others.” “Hehe. Looks like it’s working.” “Going to work on you?” I challenged. “Thinking about it, Sir…I’ve been trying not to do this anymore but imagining your thick straight cock and handsome face…all the cash you’ve taken from me.” I’ve drained thousands from Trust Fund in the time we’ve known each other. He’s one of those fags who’s perpetually “quitting,” constantly imagining t...
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by on November 1, 2017
Even when I take a hiatus countless men are still greedily poring over every word I’ve written, eagerly fantasizing about finding themselves at my hands. My absence seems to only make the cravings worse–incredibly intense but impossible to satisfy. Now that I’m hungry to drain again, several new cash slaves have experienced sweet release, including the one I drained earlier today. “Hello, Sir,” the new fag greeted. “I have read your blog for months. I love it so much. Will you help me become ...
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by on October 20, 2017
We have got reports that there is someone messaging members from our site on Skype, Claiming they are the owner and demanding membership fee. This is CLEARLY A SCAM, Theres only 2 owners of the site my self and Master Pimp and we will never ever contact a member on Skype with anything regaurding especially not for membership payment! If you have been contacted by this person please reach out to my self or master pimp! thanks- MG
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