by on February 17, 2018

Ma$terHellCru$her $trike$ again !!!!!!!$$$$$ Wa$ hangin out in chat , and outa left field i get a pm me$$age reque$t .... $o i an$wer the pm and $ure enough it wa$ a weak faggat that wa$ $ent to me . $o i inve$tigated a little a$ked the whore few que$tion$ a$ i interrogated her i wondered if $he wanted to do popper$ and i call her $he becau$e right from the $tart i had her get the popper$ and $tart $niffin AND $HE fell weak i could tell becau$e I MAKE HER FEEL LIKE A BITCH !!!! $he $tarted obeying my command$ a$ i made her $Niff i warned her that i was going to $tart kicking her fuckin a$$ , and $he bit the bait becau$e a$ $oon a$ i got her poppered up i made her open that $i$$y pur$e and pay me the fir$t tribute of 30$ " then i went in and really $tarted ba$hin her cunt brain in becau$e i could tell $he wanted more not a re$i$ting bone in her body at that point i made her do more popper$ and raped her for another 100$!!!! Wa$ent long before $he damn near threw her$elf at me again and i ended up fini$hing her off day 1 jan 19th 2018 !!! A$ youll $ee in pic#1  I figured that bitch would be back one day at that point becau$e i wa$ confident that i did a really good job meeting that $lut day #1 and knew i had really put my be$t effort into it becau$e $ure enough wa$ent but a few day$ $hort of a month and i $een the cunt again" $he came in chat all quiet thinking $he wa$ good , maybe thinkin i forgot what i commanded her to do when $he $een me becau$e $he $tayed quiet .... $o i $prung into action right away talkin to her and getting further into her head , and $ure enough my confidence prevailed becau$e right away once again $he opened up to me $o i $tarted kicking her fuckin a$$$ again reminding her that i will be u$ing her and putting $eriou$ training down on her new life $ervicing me" $o i went off on here poppering her up again and brain fucking her $o hard that after i took a hundred ca$h raping her a$ i trained her $he got another level weaker " yep that$ right everybody $he now wanted to get u$ed more $o i once again $prung into action and badged the cunt up right away , $ent her over to ma$ter pimp and had her upgrade to owned badge in my name and allowed her to $end him lil extra toward$ her fir$t pimped out rape to ma$ter pimp for creating thi$ $ite $he found me on!!!! Ma$ter$Ca$!!!!! whooo hooo" $o i $tarted $howing her how i will be pimping her out to other ma$ter$ at my lei$ure and beck n call. And no lie everybody $he fell hea dover heel$ feb 14th i fucked her valentine$ day over $o hard ended up takin 250$ for my$elf and pimping her out to few my hoimie$ on $ite for a total of 425$ day #2 wich youll $ee in pic#2  And that$ not all nope, ju$t when you think the WHORE got her fix pa$$ed around dominated u$ed abu$ed humiliated" ca$h raped and treated like the cumdump$ter $he i$ youd think $he had enough NOPE" $he ended up comin back a third time two day$ later feb 17th 2018 to try $ee me again . FAILING yet again on her order$ to announce my name and report to me directly when $he enter$ teh $ite $o i got on her fuckin a$$ right away $colding her how i like to be greeted when $he arrive$ here on mc" and $he knew her fault right away " i gue$$ her bein new and $o excited to $ee me $he forgot again how to properly greet me $o i went at her and $tarted training her the way i like my $i$$y$ to attend to me and $he loved it " I think $he ju$t wanted to make $ure i wa$ $eriou$ about my law on her new life dominating her!!!!! $o i gave it to her non $top day#3 for over 5 hour$ training her $pecificly in each area how i like thing$ to get done for Ma$terHellCru$her" and guy$ when i tell you $he fell hard today i mean it i drained thi$ cunt $o hard and pa$$ed her to few more guy$ ended up takin over 375 $ for my$elf and pimping her out to teh guy$ for no lie at lea$t another 200 ea$y without a doubt !!!!!!$$$$ A$ youll $ee in pic #3 another 300 $ At that point after ripping her another 300 and pa$$Ing her around for a few round$ within that $et of ca$h rape i tell her hey hoe" that$ it CLO$E your $i$$y pur$e hahahahah ... And no lie guy$ that mu$tve pi$$ed her off cau$e i tell her if you want more hoe you goin have to BEG ME FOR MORE" !!!!! hahahahah Bingo i $aid the right $tuff guy$ cau$e $ure enough her fat mouth couldent $hut the fuck up and $uck a cock in it or $omething cau$E booom $he $tarted blurting it out plzzzzz master hahahahahahah plzzzz rape me $he $aid $o that wa$ it i went at her again pa$$ing here around 25$ each guy in chat that was down to help me JUMP HER!!!!!$$$$$ HAHAHAHHAA Yep GANG GANG Time" and that$ what happen i $wept her away in yet another aggre$$ive round becau$e gue$$ what i tell her clo$e her fuckin pur$e again for doin a good job aa$ youll $ee in pic #4  and let$ a$k you giy$ youd think $he learned her le$$on and was DRAINED at thi$ point completely right??/ NOPE WRONG i mu$tve triggered her with my friend seeker becau$e $he then wanted a prvt $kype chat with me and him " hahahahah $o i toook her one la$t round and ripped her again for another 50 each , wich i ended up makin her $end me 51 dollar$ to cover paypal fee$ ju$t to manage to get the la$t dollar$ i could $queeze outa her !!!!! A$ youll $ee in pic #5  hahahah and gue$$ what even after rippin the la$t 51 for me and 27 wich was for paypal fee$ and seekers last tribute, then extra i tell her clo$e teh fuckin pur$e again and $he $till beg$ me for more HAHAH AHAH WHAT A $TUPID COC$UCKIN CA$H $I$$Y MA$TER HELLCRU$HER I$ CREATING HAHAHAHAHA IT$ MADNE$$$ All $he want$ i$ more and MORE of Ma$terHellCru$Her And Hi$ friend$!!!!!!!!! Ended up allowing the cunt to order a $kirt heel$ you name it the woodwork$ cau$ from now on thi$ little dick chewing ca$h WHORE i$ OWNED and ha$ alot of hard work finding dick$ and workin hard to make me more ca$h to continue being pimped out forever on Ma$ter$ca$h . com!!!!!!!!! $o id like to welcome my new OWNED ca$hWHORE .......Cru$hers/$I$$YFaggat Maulfotze To Her New Whore Bed Under My Throne !!!!!!! Good Job $LUT Keep Up The Good Work And $uck All The Dick$ WORLDWIDE fOR Ma$terHellCru$her The Ca$hGod From HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!///