by on May 13, 2018

Im not sure if many have noticed some changes around here. New site, New Chat, New servers, new EVERYTHING. All of this has cost me and  ginger thousands of dollars and over a month of working ALL night on hardly any sleep to do this. Promoting day and night to get people in chat. Im sure you have also noticed that we havent asked anyone to pay for ANY of this. So I need you EVERYONE to understand that when someones actions does something to causes paying memberS on the site to complain and also ask to be deleted from the site, then all bets are off.

We will not let ANYONE destroy the work we are putting in. There will also be gay Masters coming on.and we will not tolerate ANYONE attacking them.. We love all of our members but do the math, we are bustung our fucking ass to get shit poppin again and anyone hurting that is going to lose, homey or not.  Enjoy the chat and the site and leave others that aint bothering you alone.

We will be banning for x amount of days depeinding one the siatuation....


For the most part its been awesome, so if this doesnt apply you then  no worries. Thanks

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