Doctor Don
by on January 19, 2018

I can tell you right now, I am more experienced online than in person, and in person I am still finding the ways to express My interests and desires, and getting across the differences between on-line submissions to me as my financial slave, over in person enslavement, which makes the whole idea of enslavement become more real. But when it comes to serving me, I can be one of two types of master. I can be a caring and understanding master, or one that you would dread to meet in person for I can be cruel on line, but worst in person. I do know a few things:

First, and foremost, I consider Myself a considerate and loving dominant in my everyday life. I expect service how I want it, but not from those who cannot or prefer not to give it. I want My subs giving Me their enthusiastic consent to use them however I want, and I am prepared to show you why I deserve it.

Secondly, I like to find the places where My interests meet with that of a subs', even though financial masters do not have to consider the feelings of that of a slave, but then again there are two types of financial slaves with different agendas and different needs, and you have to differentiate between the two. Now which one are you? I will ask you questions, you will have room to speak to Me respectfully at all times, unless I specifically state otherwise.

One type of sub is the one that most of you on line who talk to others about this are the ones where the master is always humiliating the sub by using the word “faggot,” to describe who he is talking to. It is like being a republican politician, they all drink from the same Kool Aid. Calling someone a faggot is fine for the gay slaves for that turns them on.

Then there are the straight slaves, that when you call them “faggot,” they go along with it for a couple of times and then they realize that the person calling them that particular name is not what they are looking for, because the slave is looking for someone who knows how to humiliate and control them, finding their trigger that works every time to make them want to give up the vault to hear you humiliate them in the ways that work for them without being labeled a faggot. They just want to serve and surrender themselves for a while to someone who knows how to do it without humiliating them as just another faggot, of which they take offense to. They are looking for originality and not sex, or being called that particular name, for it makes it seem like they do not put any effort into knowing their slave before trying to get money out of them.

Third, I want My subs engaged and conversational. If you disappear on Me, I'd rather know you are either not interested anymore or busy. Do not make Me do all the work, that is the opposite of being a good sub to My Domination. Slaves work for me, by providing me with everything I ask of them and more, and all I do is accept it and want even more in the long run. They are the slaves, and slaves are the workers and providers, and the master is the recipient and master over them and they know it.

A professional cash master runs his slaves like a factory, where he needs to train and keep tabs on all of his slaves, so he does not have as much time per say for he is more interested in production, and moving the product. The product is his slaves and the production is the cash that is brought in by the slave for their master, and as such, the master likes slaves that are always looking out for the master by even recruiting additional slaves to be auditioned into the master’s world.

Many slaves stay in touch with and talk with other slaves almost daily, and while talking to them, they can be recruiting new products for the master and get productivity up to its highest thanks to the slave.

Age has its perks in this type of relationship, for an older master has been around much longer than these kids that all think in one mind and have no originality whatsoever and a master does not always have to put on the master role especially when he is recruiting slaves, for like any business, you need to cultivate your product, and through communication, you know if this prospective slave is the right one for you, or you of them. I know you think it does not matter, so why go through all that work when you can get some money from the slave for as long as possible, and that is true. In the long run it is better to get the right slave so that you do not have to keep recruiting others in their place when they disappear after a couple of tributes. If you want to build a stable, you need stock, not stragglers.

For all of the slaves that I have had over the years, they know and understand that in all the years they’ve been my cash slaves, they’ve paid thousands of dollars for every bit of my enjoyment from weekends in Las Vegas, and eating out at expensive restaurant. They paid for my rent, new cars and many of my bills, and have put thousands of dollars into my PayPal account. All from you pathetic and weak slaves lol. It must be a great feeling for you knowing me, and that all your hard work and long hours of coming to a superior man like myself. You’re a pathetic and weak, but also mine. Work harder, and keep the cash flowing, for I want more of what is rightfully mine anyway.

As long as a slave knows his place and not try to take control, when the slave’s control is taken from them once they join my family, and I, and I alone have all the control. I speak and the slave listens and performs the task that I lay out to them. They also know that once they belong to me, that includes not only them, but all that they own can become mine upon demand.

But I do not believe in bankrupting or blackmailing slaves, for that is not how I control them. I give them the alpha control master they need and they give me what I need, therefore both parties are good to go. If you drain a slave dry, he loses value to you and has nothing to bring to the table, so it is best to be practical and be sure your slave’s basic needs and necessities are met and that he has a good depletable income that he can offer up to his master without it causing any real drain on his livelihood.

Master Don