by on April 23, 2018

We have moved the site over to a more stable version. You will see less bugs with the site. Much more stable. We will be working this week on making the site much faster as we are just breaking it in. Because of the new Fosta/Sesat law we decided not to migrate pics and profile info to the new version. For now we will have some new things to go by.

1. No talk of fags, prostitution, cash meets on the site or in your profile.

2. No talk of minors 

3. No nude pics for now as we are also trying to get approved for a merchant account for payments.

Our chat has better cams now and is a bit different but WILL be improved.

You can see chat here.

You can ONLY broadcast your cam on Firefox and Chrome browsers. Also Android phones in our mobile chat. Yes we FINALLY have mobile chat.

You may need to reupload your profile photo and other pics. PLEASE do so ASAP. We will be approving pics all day. The old site will be up for another day and then you will only be able to login here.