by on January 8, 2018

Was hanging out in master$ ca$ chat just minding my own busine$$ , and outta left field I noticed the bottom dog faggot $eamlessly panting looking around on the new $ite." Of corse he didn't realize until I $aid hello to him for ol time $ake being it had been at least 4-6 months $ince I've $een him and ca$h-raped him. When I $aid hello to him "triggered" him becau$e he came trotting over like a good dog that he ha$ alway$ been to me." ( Our online relation goe$ back year$, wich he wa$n't always $uch a good dog took many $e$$ion'$ of training) First thing I thought in my mind wa$ (I'm going to kick thi$ fucking faggot$ a$$!) little did he know I was more powerful then ever and instructed him right away to get to my private office for a chat.( pm'$) Right away I went at him violently cu$$ing him and putting him in his place telling him what a weak faggot he alway$ has been for me ect ect ....when ju$t then I knew I was gaining twice as much ground then u$ual due to hi$ weakne$$ of not being able to $erve me in quite a while. He was di$tracted due to the $ite having had the new upgrade$ recently that we are all aware of ,the diff dark chat."(new color"$...ect ect ) Just then I $truck him u$ing my power to force intoxicate him over and over. Now this is no regular faggot ill add" , he I$ a major fuckin junkie $o I really had to go at him ...ju$t then I noticed he wa$ ready to be de$troyed financially to my u$ual $tandard$ $o I took 50$ , then went harder took another 50$ and after a few more round$ of intoxicating him and chatting for ol time $ake he fought me hard but I managed to take 2 more round$ of 25$ dollars a$ you'll $ee in pic#1 Then he a$ked me if it was ok to hang out in the main chat room , $o I figured perfect time to abu$e the cracked out loo$er publicly a$ I started to humiliate him in open chat room.  I started bragging and went on about how I had ju$t raped this pathetic drug head for ca$h a$ I continued to abu$ed him,  other ca$hmaster$ like ginger $tarted to egg on for me to take more ca$h from the fag and keep going on the lo$er ($o I figured fuck it why not right I'm really goin to fuck him up)  a$ he continued to $truggle with my dominance and the fact he wa$ very vulnerable due to his lack of attendance to my findom $e$$ion$,  I went on to manipulate him more and force intoxicate him with the now tag team help of Master Ginger." At thi$ point I went on to take another 25$ and another 50$ dollar$ from him a$ he was occupied by Master Ginger confu$ing him." Then $tarting to run hi$ mind game on the lo$er as we laughed and humiliated him, I a$ked ginger if he wanted to get in on the ca$h rape and at fir$t he he$itated and a$ked me who wa$ thi$ $lave not completely $ure if he $hould intrude due to not having any background or hi$tory knowledge of the bottom dog faggot other then word of mouth from me at the moment." And went on to tell me he will pa$$ for now and said (don't worry about it hell it$ your $lave rip him I want you to get your money") $o he continued to run his psychology on the $lave a$ we double team force intoxicated the faggot, and I took 3 more rounds of 50$ in a personal vendetta on the lo$ers wallet!!!! a$ you'll $ee in pic#2   Ju$t then I could feel the looser$ attention go toward$ Master Ginger almo$t a$ if it was to $how him that he was $erving Ma$terHellCru$her very well as in$tructed and wondered if Master Ginger would tru$t him and believe Ma$terHellCru$her$ word becau$e right then I $aid to Master Ginger (Yo gin" the faggot I$ legit man I've known thi$ ca$h-queer for year$" are you $ure you don't wanna get in ? !$ !?$ ) And I could feel the mood $hift because he went from a mean crazy ugly mad face looking down as he listened to me ask him, to $mile and $ay ( YOU KNO WHAT"HELL FUCK YEA MAN LETS RIP THIS FUCKIN FAGGOT TO $HRED$!!!$$$$) And right there at that moment we went into TAG TEAM MON$TER CA$H RIPPER MODE"!!!! And started going at the faggot non stop like 2 $ilverback Gorilla$ pouncing on a helpless injured gazzelle in the heat of the night on an African feeding frenzy in the heart of the cash jungle !!!!!$$$$ hahahaha. At that point we had to$$ed that faggot back n forth non $top for few hour$ to the point we was getting exhausted of beating the living fuck outa this loser And looked at each other and asked""( HOW MUCH YOU GET $O FAR OFF THI$ MOTHERFUCKING LOOO$ER?!!!????!!!?)and laughed a$ we compared incoming tribute$ on our paypal$ activity $creen$ totaling out another 250$ each!!!!!!as you'll see in pic#3 Even tho the $moke cleared and I allowed the loo$er bottom dog to be di$$mi$$ed for doing $uch a great job $erving for the evening , he hits me up in pm asking if its ok to stay and watch the alphas on site and enjoy us talking shit to each other over our victory (with was his mistake ) Because once the chatroom cleared out I said to myself ( get that faggot on $kype now I$ a perfect opportunity to try $trike at him another round of ca$h!!!!hahahahaa) So I moved toward the faggot $houting for him to get his a$$ to my $kype office" and that I wanted him to load up another bla$t off his ol cock pipe like the weak cock$uckin lo$er that he I$. Then started manipulating him more and more catching up on old time$ of corse as well in the mist of it all when I realized now was the time to make my move as the faggot was getting horny I mentioned how great he felt when I raped him and he bit the bait saying ( Yes Master I'm so fucking horny) its when I knew it was time to knock another round of ca$h from hi$ wallet into mine"!!! So I went for it and $colded for him to load me up a nice 50$ and he wa$ a good faggot and $aid Ye$ $ir" $o I realized since he wa$ $o horny and weak I could ba$h another 50$ off him if I told him he could $lide another 50$ under my cock drove him crazy cause hi$ next word$ wa$ Ye$ $ir" Right then and there I knew I had him in the most weak position I've had him yet because my next word$ wa$ you wanna $ee thi$ big fat nigger cock don't you ? And hi$ next word$ of cor$e we all know wa$ Ye$ $ir $o I told him $end another 100$ if he want$ to $ee how I will be pi$$ing in hi$ face when we meet , and $ure enough another 100$ hit my account $o fa$t I don't think he even knows what he did becau$e a$ $oon a$ I confirmed the ca$h and pulled out the Ham Cock Diggler Nigger Cock the fag wa$ $ent into a mind state of instant extacy/euphoria and cum $quirted $o hard I could hear him moaning out loud a hearty grunt that all hi$ energy left hi$ weak little faggot ball$ack . And I laughed a$ I mocked him for wanting to take a look at my big fat dick like the faggot he wa$." And laughed a$ we chatted along fini$hing out the evening Bragging to him how I raped him and took all hi$ ca$h hahahahaha Ended up di$$mi$$ing thi$ faggot and $ending him on hi$ way bragging on how I took over 825.00$ ca$h from him he ended up confe$$ing his greatfullne$$ to me $aying it was the be$t ca$h rape ever , thanking Me & Gin !!!!$$$$ for taking 1075.00$ total hahahahahah what a fuckin major $cumbag cock$uckin meth-head loooo$er BH AH AH AH AHA