by on April 29, 2018

I’ll start off by saying I’m much more experienced in RL than online findom. I’ve owned several slaves which I cultivated into also being my cashfags paying tribute in cash, gifts or bills paid. This increased my power and control while their subservience and devotion to a superior Man increased; the pride and pleasure from complete control and serving Master. On my part, using and controlling a  slave for my or my buddies base needs is extremely gratifying and great bonding. Humiliating, degrading and abusing a fag with my big hairy dick is extremely gratifying and reinforces I am superior to fags in literally every way, a fags only purpose is serving the needs of real men you realize it is your only reason for existence. You don’t know what to do with your useless dick let alone your life. You only know your desire for being a slave for cock turns into a need to serve a Master entirely. That’s why you stupid faggots get throatfucked mercilessly, swallowing every drop of piss from the tap, brutally gangfucked, cleaning a Master’s house, running his errands, completing humiliating and occasionally pointless yet also degrading fag tasks, paying tribute, getting your ass whooped for your fuckups or amusement, you enjoy satisfying men. You need it and crave it. A proper faggot knows his place is beneath the feet of real men and aware that it is an honor and privilege to serve men and pay tribute for being given the opportunity to be a slave. But those who haven’t taken that step into giving 100% control over to a dominant, aggressive man hasn’t completely turned into a proper faggot slave because your needs or wants come first in the matter. FUCK THAT FAGGOT. What the fuck are you doing if not completely serving every need, want or order. Further to the point, we deserve it. You deserve to work, clean house, be a sex toy and whatever else is spoken.. and pay your Master for such a thing because you are a fucking nasty faggot whore.


If to be completely owned, controlled and abused by a Master is your fantasy, make it fucking reality. Real men and faggots are yin and yang, one takes completely, the other gives completely. By nature, both literally and figuratively this includes financial matters as well. Faggot needs aren’t important, the needs of real men are important and a fag slaves utmost priority. So give me my fucking money faggot.