Chat Master of Week
by on March 14, 2020
If you cant see cams in chat when you are on firefox then your firefox as updated to a version that is blocking cams....You can reinstall the last version with this file. YOU DONT NEED TO UNINSTALL THE OLDER VERSION OF FIREFOX! Choose 32 bit or 64 bit These are the direct links. 32 bit 64 bit ...
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by on October 8, 2019
We have been getting complaints for the last 6 months of members being asked to lend money to another member. This has happened in the past with slaves but we brought it to a hault. Its now happening to Masters who are being asked to lend another Master money and NEVER getting their money back. If another Master asks you to borrow money do NOt expect to get it back and do NOT expect us to get it back for you.  This is a warning NOT to lend out ANY money. It doesn matter who the Master is, how...
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by on January 17, 2019
There will be MANY members you may not like, you may not think they are supposed to be a Master or slave and that is 100% fine. You can block them, you can shut their cam off and you wont have to deal with them. We arent going to let anyone run wild and hurt our site so you don't need to worry about how they will affect your day, BLOCK them. We have had so many occurrences of members telling us, well if that person stays im leaving the site. If you have an issue its fine to come to us, but gi...
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by on December 8, 2018
Masters cash will not be involved and will not hear anything regarding off-site meetings, the stealing of slaves, The Lending of money to other members , any drug deals that have gone bad etc etc etc Unfortunately we can never seem to prove who did what and it's really not our responsibility. We provide and facilitate a medium where people can connect and discuss things with each other. Our advice is not to meet anyone lend anyone money or deal with anyone off site. You do all of these thi...
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by on November 17, 2018
THERE ARE GAY MASTERS?????? Simply put yes…  there are gay masters.. its not gay or straight Gay  is not the same as FAG A MASTER  can be Gay Bi Straight who cares…. The attitude and or looks of a dom is what should attract you, not who they sleep with or what they do in their life. SEE YALL IN CHAT CUNTS There are only 2 labels that matter… SLAVE AND MASTER If you don’t want to serve gays that is understandable, you are ignorant pieces of trash you don’t understand life. ...
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by on October 16, 2018
We have always been a site for Masters and we let memberships go for years sometimes and dont ask for upgrade membership. We were free for the first 4 years the site was open. Guys at some point we need to start collecting memberships. Now is that time and its not unreasonable for us to ask. We are messaging masters that we have allowed to ride on a 1 year membership for $50 for 3 years and we are getting shit for it as if we are being assholes. Our messages are being ignored, and we have to ...
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by on June 6, 2018
FOR EVERY NEW PERSON   So over the past couple weeks slaves and masters alike are coming into chat and then saying im new please explain this site. So here’s an explanation, a basic one at least…. There are 5 main questions that get asked and we are going to cover them all. What is findom? What is a cashslave? What do I do in chat? How do I find a slave? How do I find a master?   WHAT IS FINDOM Findom also known as financial domination is one of the broadest terms out there...
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by on May 13, 2018
Im not sure if many have noticed some changes around here. New site, New Chat, New servers, new EVERYTHING. All of this has cost me and  ginger thousands of dollars and over a month of working ALL night on hardly any sleep to do this. Promoting day and night to get people in chat. Im sure you have also noticed that we havent asked anyone to pay for ANY of this. So I need you EVERYONE to understand that when someones actions does something to causes paying memberS on the site to complain and also...
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by on May 1, 2018
while i have a lot more rt experience having been in the biz over a 25 yr period - a few years of cash mastery (3 or 4 slaves - my best was just over 3K) has turned into a full time job.  I found a new cashfag at a phone/cyber chat site I'm on - and after the last 4 weeks and between 1 and 1.5K drained - i get this..  Oh yes Daddy.  i found this the other day and changed it a bit  for fun getting rid of the two who did this.   Financial Contract This is an agreement between _boy mike____...
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by on April 29, 2018
I’ll start off by saying I’m much more experienced in RL than online findom. I’ve owned several slaves which I cultivated into also being my cashfags paying tribute in cash, gifts or bills paid. This increased my power and control while their subservience and devotion to a superior Man increased; the pride and pleasure from complete control and serving Master. On my part, using and controlling a  slave for my or my buddies base needs is extremely gratifying and great bonding. Humiliating, degrad...
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by on April 23, 2018
We have moved the site over to a more stable version. You will see less bugs with the site. Much more stable. We will be working this week on making the site much faster as we are just breaking it in. Because of the new Fosta/Sesat law we decided not to migrate pics and profile info to the new version. For now we will have some new things to go by. 1. No talk of escorts, prostitution, cash meets on the site or in your profile. 2. No talk of minors  3. No nude pics for now as we are also...
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by on April 3, 2018
A faggot admits to its inferiority and subservience by getting down on its knees for Men - whether to worship at their feet, obey their commands without question, open its throat to receive their piss and seed - and if wanted, to pleasure them or to be cash fucked . True faggots know this is their place and it defines their sub-human inferiority. Be grateful Real Men let you be useful.. #fag #master, #cash #bdsm
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