by on November 17, 2018


Simply put yes…  there are gay masters..

its not gay or straight

Gay  is not the same as FAG

A MASTER  can be Gay Bi Straight who cares….

The attitude and or looks of a dom is what should attract you, not who they sleep with or what they do in their life. SEE YALL IN CHAT CUNTS

There are only 2 labels that matter… SLAVE AND MASTER

If you don’t want to serve gays that is understandable, you are ignorant pieces of trash you don’t understand life.

There are plenty of straight masters and there are some gay ones.

IM GAY AND PROUD but I will rip your cash cunt apart like no one else. And you will never forget it.

That is all. Just felt like it needed to be said, cuz some of you slaves say you didn’t know. WELL NOW EVERYONE KNOWS