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So over the past couple weeks slaves and masters alike are coming into chat and then saying im new please explain this site. So here’s an explanation, a basic one at least….

There are 5 main questions that get asked and we are going to cover them all.

What is findom? What is a cashslave? What do I do in chat? How do I find a slave? How do I find a master?



Findom also known as financial domination is one of the broadest terms out there. It can mean anything from a slave that pays one master everyday, to a slave that pays 50 masters once a year. Findom is not a thing that needs to be explained or defined, that is what google is for, This site in particular is all findom all the time. If you are a slave then your life goal is $erving a master, and if you are a master your life goal is draining $laves. 

Slaves- Findom is anything from finding that one true alpha that deserve all your fagcash just for existing to being a popper pig and only tributing when a master gets you high enough, and anything in between we alphas can drain your wallets but you slaves need to find how you like to be drained. NOT INCLUDING THE TRIBUTE TO START THE SESSION

Masters- You shouldn’t need to be asking what is findom if you don’t know then you are not a cash master. From degrading faggot scum to just talking with a slave that pays for attention, find what you like or slaves you enjoy draining and then it will not be a question. They will know who their alpha is and you will have a new cash slave at least occasionally.


While not every slave is a cashslave this is Emphasize on the CASH, no one is saying all your money is ours (although it is :P) but just know that masters do expect tributes and not to waste their time for no tribute at all. Some slaves tribute 15 dollars after a teeth pulling hour of torment, some slaves spew right away just for seeing a master on cam. Again slaves you need to find what you what to be and how you want to be treated, then put it in your profile for us masters to see.

Slaves- Cash slaves come in many shapes sizes and amounts, however all of you must realize that cashing out for your master and tributing them is key. Really as simple as that.

Masters- Cash slaves are slaves not always fags and nto always slaves, we do want to keep chat active and be sure to treat them how they want to be treated as the cash cunt that they were born to be :D


This is the most important one! What do I do? Well here is the thing. Nothing! There is no special formula to what needs to be done or what should be done. Mistakes will be made some will get offended and we will move on but the important thing is chat. Is it a chat room weather its finding out more about a master or introducing yourself chat is for chat simple.

Slaves- You can be in chat weather you are ready to spew that cash or not its is not attacking you slaves for money (although I am sure it seems that way). The chat room is where you can meet and see new masters or fellow slaves and get to know the community, and of course when your ready beg a master to let you serve them.

Masters-  Be active. A lot of new masters ask me and other people what to do in chat, just be on cam play a game watch a movie or YouTube and just be active. Notice when slaves speak to you or if a slave says something that peaks your interest. If you are active in chat then you will get results.


There are many ways to find slaves. On this site in particular you can put your twitter or YouTube page in your profile to attract attention. Also, you can browse through the slaves in the member area to see slaves that have a name you like or simply just scroll through profiles. There are thousands of slaves just look around and make your profile attract attention with your description, and picture, and about me page, all of these things make a good profile and a good profile will help to find a new slave.

P.s.- Of course the chat room as well, weather the chat is slow or active there are always new people and old ones coming back to say hi and the chat room is where you will find them


Find something you like, weather its leather or feet or poppers or more, then search through the members see if anything comes up. Scroll through the profiles read the about me to see what masters do/ specialize in. Find a pic that peaks your interest on a masters profile….. OR   the chat room

The chat room just like for masters to find slaves will always be the best way for slaves to find masters, simply because if they see one or talk to one they like they can actually ask questions, see if there’s a click and if there is , then get that fag cash flowing :D




This site is what you make it, if your active in chat and message some peoples through their profiles, not everyone comes in chat, then you will have a good time.

Stay active, Stay in chat, and always be honest!

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