by on October 16, 2018

We have always been a site for Masters and we let memberships go for years sometimes and dont ask for upgrade membership. We were free for the first 4 years the site was open. Guys at some point we need to start collecting memberships. Now is that time and its not unreasonable for us to ask. We are messaging masters that we have allowed to ride on a 1 year membership for $50 for 3 years and we are getting shit for it as if we are being assholes.

Our messages are being ignored, and we have to freeze profiles and be dicks about it to get a response. We take this personal as we have been so good about not charging masters its not even fucking funny. Nearly every Master says they paid for a lifetime membership and when I ask ok when did you pay I get, well a slave paid it for me. Then they cant remember the slaves name. lol. Id be driving a Bently if that was the case. We have had a total of about 15 lifetime memberships to date, 


So if you did pay for lifetime then by all means let us know the transaction date and who you paid. We will honor for sure....


Our costs are low so this is a no brainer....respond to our message and if you need time to get some cash we are cool with that, But please just answer and not come at us like we are being unreasonable. Its 50 dollars, im mean cmon..