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Chat Master of Week
by on November 17, 2018
THERE ARE GAY MASTERS?????? Simply put yes…  there are gay masters.. its not gay or straight Gay  is not the same as FAG A MASTER  can be Gay Bi Straight who cares…. The attitude and or looks of a dom is what should attract you, not who they sleep with or what they do in their life. SEE YALL IN CHAT CUNTS There are only 2 labels that matter… SLAVE AND MASTER If you don’t want to serve gays that is understandable, you are ignorant pieces of trash you don’t understand life. ...
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by on June 6, 2018
FOR EVERY NEW PERSON   So over the past couple weeks slaves and masters alike are coming into chat and then saying im new please explain this site. So here’s an explanation, a basic one at least…. There are 5 main questions that get asked and we are going to cover them all. What is findom? What is a cashslave? What do I do in chat? How do I find a slave? How do I find a master?   WHAT IS FINDOM Findom also known as financial domination is one of the broadest terms out there...
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