by on December 8, 2018
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Masters cash will not be involved and will not hear anything regarding off-site meetings, the stealing of slaves, The Lending of money to other members , any drug deals that have gone bad etc etc etc

Unfortunately we can never seem to prove who did what and it's really not our responsibility. We provide and facilitate a medium where people can connect and discuss things with each other.

Our advice is not to meet anyone lend anyone money or deal with anyone off site. You do all of these things at your own risk this is not our responsibility.

This goes for on-site transactions also, we are not responsible.

Also, our moderators do not work for us and they do not get paid by Master cash they are freelance and volunteering to help. They do not represent this site and their only obligation is to be cordial to the members. Do not lend them any money oh, do not meet them off-site, do not buy drugs from them

Do not message myself or Ginger regarding any of the above, you are at your own risk so govern yourself accordingly

We will not tolerate any drama in the chat room or on the site so keep it off site, it sucks that it comes to this but we just don't have the time or the resources to be responsible for some shit that happened off site because people are making bad judgements. And this goes for everyone that gets in these positions. We are not calling anyone out it's just something you need to be careful of and absorb the risk.

We will also not banned any other members because members threatened to leave the site or because they want us to. We will protect you in the same manner if someone comes to us complaining. Please just respect the site and proceed with caution when dealing with people

Thank you