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Small Dick Fag Slave
add me to skype slave:balc.ovidiu.cristian
Small Dick Fag Slave
You are absolutely perfect!
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Small Dick Fag Slave
I love big cock!! Especially big huge throbbing straight dick! I love Ma$ster-KM's huge cock! It's the best in the world. I worship his cock all the time, and I can't stop thinking about it. Whenev...
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hilarious lol
Hahaha what a pathetic fag
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"Master! I think all straight men are somewhat fags compared to you and your great glory! You should fuck over straight men just for fun, and to show your extreme superiority. You are the man! Fuck up straight guys, take their money, beat them, and make them worship your dick. You deserve it!" on Ma$ter-KM's wall.
LOL I'm posting your emailed letter, fag! hahaha

Dear Master KM,

I'm so sorry for not obeying you, for not paying you on time, for talking about dick too much, and for not burning my little dick and bal...
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"I'm the guiltiest faggot ever. I didn't follow Ma$ter-KM's instructions. I've been a little bitch. I had the perfect slave situation with him, and I fucked it up. I tried to just use him for free jerking off. I didn't perform my duties. I was thinking with my little dick instead of letting him do the thinking for me. I deserve to get fucked over bad. I fucked up bigtime, and I'm paying dearly for it, and I'm going to pay even more. Ma$ter-KM is the best, but you should obey him PERFECTLY, because you'll end up paying for it anyway." on Ma$ter-KM's wall.
and now everyones gonna know, and laugh at you for being such a goddamn lowlife piece of shit - think twice before ever trying that shit again cunt
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