Born on January 26, 1983
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common,join me on skype and let me exploit you,i love it when slaves like you obey and do exactly what i say...cashmaster247..

contact me on skype...wisdom.aryeetey
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"A mastermind. Has the ability to foster your addiction and enslave you forever. A vicious feedback loop of cunning dominance that binds you before you realize what is happening and thus too late to escape." on Masterknoxx's wall.
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slave101 is online.
truly stunning. with one look he can devour your mind.
Italian Master is online.
skype me, slave. It's your turn.
Calvin & Owen
Thanks for checking us out Fag!! I know you'll cum crawling back to serve us!
Half Swede
Let's Skype. HalfSwede90
Hey pencil dick what is going on? I am new here. Would you like to be one of my first slaves?
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