Born on January 26, 1983
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i want your money
Hey slave, if you're looking for a master you can please, shoot me a message here.
Hey there, how are you?
I am single strict tall
sir here and you??
whatsapp: 00233263348069
Skype : Mike kudalor
Facebook: mikekudalor
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MasterJulians is online.
add me on skype:bigsamuel2
Pastor Chris
Add me on Skype, loser. I'm going to put the slave in its place and take that wallet it's been holding for me.
Skype: acfb0331
Dylan Burger
Hey homo add me and Skype.
Master Big Dee
Hello if you like to prove to me you a good slave

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Contact me on Skype [email protected] now faggot
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