Born on January 26, 1983
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get on ksype and add slashermew form alberta canada and have that wallet open fag
Hey slave, how are you?
My name is master Mike
and im strict tall
strong superior sir
who believe in black
supremacy and was born
naturally to train usless
white inferior as my dog
and property to collar,...
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i want your money
Hey slave, if you're looking for a master you can please, shoot me a message here.
Hey there, how are you?
I am single strict tall
sir here and you??
whatsapp: 00233263348069
Skype : Mike kudalor
Facebook: mikekudalor
Sent me a friend request there now .
add me on skype:bigsamuel2
Pastor Chris
Add me on Skype, loser. I'm going to put the slave in its place and take that wallet it's been holding for me.
Skype: acfb0331
Dylan Burger
Hey homo add me and Skype.
Master Big Dee
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