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"wanna chat wiht a candain dom? slashjermew form canada on skype" on littledick's wall.
"cool. if ya wanna chat about that kinda stuff and dont mind younger add slashermew to skype form canada." on slaveBill's wall.
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I like younger and I get to Montreal and Vancouver. I do not have Skype though, as my interest is real time
"young canadain dom. if ya wanna chat and submit willingly add me to skype. slashermew from canada." on atmwhore's wall.
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"neat profile, though a bit lacking ont he info side. but welcome to the site." on mefisto's wall.
"wanna have your wallet raped by a straight master? skype me at slashermew from canada" on wikedATM's wall.
"wanan serve a canadain master? add slashermew from canada on skype." on Cholope22's wall.
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"canadain master here if you want to serve. add slashermew on skype" on scumloser's wall.
"welcome to the site, if ya wanan chat with a dom top add slashermew to skype from canada" on Hawkfan's wall.
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