Born on June 1, 1975
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piece-of-shit is online.
What a $tud!
piece-of-shit is online.
I love your adidas gear Sir
piece-of-shit is online.
Custom made boots for MuscleSkinMaster. Thank you for using me to pay for them Bo$$
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"Thank you for the realtime meet today Bo$$. You're so hot in your tall shiny boots and skin-tight Skinhead gear. I love watching your smoke those fat cigars and flex your big muscles. Cashrape me whenever you want Bo$$. I'm your property now and it's great!" on $$MuscleSkinMaster's wall.
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"Thank you for abusing me and cashraping me so hard that my poppered up 3" dick exploded for the first time in weeks. I hope you like your new Airmax and spending that homo cash Sir!" on AlphaNffcDom's wall.
"I can't stop thinking about last night Sir. My bitch tits are sore, brain still fried from poppers and faggot bank account raped hard by a hot young scally who just used me as his cash dispenser. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pay back straight society for being such a disgusting homosexual. I know that cash is in the right hands now." on TMP's wall.
Sounds brill boi. Who's the scally?
Lucky you!
Just under £900 off u since Friday and will be raping more from your fag self ߘϰߘ
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