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Born on December 1, 1949
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Your dues have come up luv, sk8rboi1728 on skype or for paypal, take your pick...
jameswilson is online.
get your money where your mouth is fag - wilsonjames2 is my skype
You ready to put your money where your mouth is, boy?
you better live up to your name, add me on skype:mr.sir_12
how you doing bitch. if you love to pay, fucking pay me bitch. fags like you are put here to pay MEN like me
sup u fucking loser
CashMasterBeni is online.
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Its fuckin simple -
U load my paypal
I spend as I please
When I run low - I text you
You load it up again and repeat
Pay me fucker. Looking for an ATM
Master Logan
Hey fag. If you love to pay, pay me.
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