Born on January 1, 1959
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D. hung master
hey fag, add me on skype and prove me you're a real slave dagave97
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luvstr8men is online.
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Dirty little Queer !!!
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I hope you like your new name faggot. Next time when I ask nicely what the issue is maybe just answer me and not think leaving is going to work.
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Cool name, faggot.
Sir Andrew
Good evening from Barcelona. How are you slave? I'm a straight, hairy and athletic Spanish Master. 33 years old. I have experience and real as well as cyber slaves all over the World. I have seen your...
straight biker dom here, looking for pathetic cunts such as yourself to bully and humiliate..... add my skype on truemastergod but make sure that paypal is open beforehand
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