Service rules for fags serving straight Men

I'm not the author but share this ideology.

Each time you wipe your feet in the face of a FAGGOT or make them
smell your sweaty socks, you ALWAYS make them pay for the greatest
honor in their lowly life of being humiliated by a Heterosexual Stud,
beneath his feet.

From the beginning, let your FAGGOT know who gives the orders and who
takes the orders. Keep him beneath your feet at all times and let him
know he is to worship, respect and praise you, simply because you are

Whenever a Heterosexual Jock has a worn out pair of his sneakers,
shoes, socks or boots, the FAGGOT foot licker MUST buy him a new pair
and then kiss his feet for receiving the old well worn ones.

The Heterosexual Jock is always to be addressed by any of the titles:
Sir, Your Highness, My King, God, Master, Your Eminence, Lord,
Almighty, etc.
He may call his FAGGOT any name he wishes to use: Some examples are:
Sissy, queer, foot licker, bitch, toe jam eater, cock sucker, foot
kisser, toe sucker, fuckin' FAGGOT, etc.

Now and always, the foot FAGGOT is a piece of furniture for the
Straight Stud. It may be a foot stool when the Jock wants to put his
feet up while watching TV; or it can be a foot mat for when he enters
the place and has a need to wipe his shoes on a mat. It can be a seat
for the Master to sit on the fag's face while he looks at a hot
magazine or just wants to humiliate a fag; or any other kind of
furniture that the Straight guy can mention. This is to be done on
command from the Heterosexual Jock.

Upon the whim of the Heterosexual Stud Master, he can inform the
slave as to when the foot worship is to be done and how often. It is
no longer up to the slave to make these decisions or schedule
appointments. It is reversed, in that the Straight god informs the
FAGGOT as to when he will have his feet worshipped and to have the
payment ready.

The Straight Jock will enforce monthly fag dues upon his queer foot
licking bitch. These dues will provide nothing for the FAGGOT and
only given to Jock because he is Straight. This is not to be confused
with the "fag tax" which is imposed at the whim of the Master because
his Straight feet sweat. The dues are to be paid monthly to the
Heterosexual Stud in order to remain in good standing as his FAGGOT
foot slave. The Master may allow his bitch to kiss and smell his feet
for paying the dues. The dues are used by the Real Man in any way he
wants, at the sacrifice of his bitch, FAGGOT foot licker.

From this point forward, the FAGGOT's new cologne will be "MASTER'S
FOOT". It is the only scent that the foot kisser can wear and that is
the scent of his Straight Jock's sweaty feet. The Master will wipe
his foot sweat all over the fag's face, and the FAGGOT must keep it
there for as long as the godly scent will last. Anyone who comes into
contact with the fag will realize that he smells like a Straight
Jock's feet and laugh at him. The Master can laugh his ass off that
he can do this as often as he wishes, and each time he does it, the
fag must pay him for the expensive cologne. This shows the world that
fag's adore Heterosexual Jocks.

The proper training of a foot FAGGOT is that he may only look at his
Master's feet until his Straight god gives him permission to look him
in the face. If the Master does not give permission, then the FAGGOT
must only keep eye contact on his god's feet.

It is proper training that the FAGGOT will seek to find a
Heterosexual Master and constantly praise him, compliment him and
worship at his feet while paying for this honor. This will keep the
slave in this area of fagdom. The fag must do anything to remain in
good standing with his Straight Master, so the bitch can live in

Whenever commanded, the toe licking foot bitch will stick his nose in
his Master's armpits and take deep, big whiffs. On special times, the
Straight Jock may order to fag to lick out the moisture from his
sweaty pits. Then the fag must sniff the pit stained T-shirt, suck
out the sweaty pits and swallow ever succulent drop of a Straight
Jocks perfect B.O. The fag must pay for the honor.

At any given point in time, the Master will order the FAGGOT to kneel
on all fours while the Straight god takes practice kicks at the fag's
butt. The slave will take as many kicks as given by the god, and kiss
his feet to thank the feet that kicked him. The Master will charge
the bitch for this butt kicking power.

A foot FAGGOT can have a tendency to get a little too "uppity". When
this happens, the Straight Master should administer bitch slaps to
his face, ordering him to kiss his foot after each slap. This will
remind the FAGGOT as to who is in control and not to step out of
line. A toe sucker needs to be "bitch slapped" now and then.

A FAGGOT needs to "kiss up" to Heterosexual men, therefore, anytime
the Jock decides to fire out the order to "kiss my ass", the slave
should be on his knees at his Master's rear and reverently administer
kisses the ass of the Straight superior god.

The Heterosexual Jock may order any special assignments of his whim
to his foot FAGGOT. This can include ordering the bitch to write a
term paper on: "Why I love My Straight Master's Feet", or "How to
Properly Sniff and Worship the Socks of a Straight Stud." Or "What My
Master Deserves and How I will give it to Him"

The Straight guy never has to do such menial chores around the house,
like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. His foot FAGGOT will always do
any chore the Master gives with the reward being the honor of kissing
his Master's feet for doing them. The work will be done while the
Master is chilling, relaxing, watching a movie, playing a video game
or sleeping. These will be knows as "fag-chores".

When the FAGGOT is hungry, he may make a sandwich but he has to beg
his Straight god for the dressing on the bread by having the
Jock "jack off" on it in his room, then bring it out to the FAGGOT.
The bitch must pay for this very expensive and rare dressing. The
Master may also spit on the sandwich for an additional cost to the
bitch. This special "cum" dressing also applies to the fag's salads,
pizza, etc.

Because he is in love with a Straight guy's feet, the FAGGOT must pay
his Master's rent or house payment each month. Even if this means the
fag must get a second job to cover the payments. The Heterosexual may
consider shoving his feet in the fag's face to be sniffed and filled
with kisses for paying this. Then the fag will be trampled under the
feet of his Straight god.

Upon command of the Straight Stud, the foot licking FAGGOT bitch must
call or speak with any of the Master's buddies to confess his
adoration and worship of the feet of his Straight god. He must tell
how deeply he is committed to them and how totally he is a foot slave
to his god.

Whenever the Heterosexual Master commands it, the FAGGOT must polish
his Stud's shoes, using his good shirt to apply the polish to the
Jock's shoes, and to buff them clean with it. Thus, the fag's shirt
will be ruined and sacrificed for the honor of polishing the shoes of
a Straight, athletic, handsome, Jock Stud.

The bitch will be taught the he must always worship the soles of the
shoes of a Heterosexual, athletic guy. He is to lick them, kiss them,
be trampled by them, all upon the whim of the Straight, Stud Jock.

The Heterosexual Master, being of brilliant intelligence, will
constantly think of humiliating things to do to his FAGGOT sissy.
These things will be done for the Straight man's pleasure, amusement
and just to make him laugh at the submissiveness of FAGGOTs to his
feet. Such totally humiliations may include things like:
-pissing in the FAGGOT's open mouth while laughing at his helplessness
-making the bitch kiss and smell his buddies' feet and socks
-sitting on his face while ordering him to take deep whiffs of the
Heterosexual Jock's perfect ass
-spitting all over his FAGGOT
and whatever else the Straight Guy mentions right now.

The FAGGOT foot licker must buy hot Straight magazines like Playboy,
Penthouse and others for his Straight Jock's pleasure. If the Master
wants them, he just snaps his fingers, orders the fag to kiss his
feet and takes the magazines with him. The fag pays.

Should the Heterosexual Jock have any brothers, the FAGGOT bitch must
be a foot slave to them when the Master orders it to be done. It is
automatically ordered to be their slave when the Master commands. The
fag is to beg his Master's brother to kiss and worship their feet as
he does to his Master. All will laugh their asses off at the
humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the foot FAGGOT. This will
only happen when the Master is ready to have his brother receive the
same treatment that he gets.

When the Straight Master happens to like a particular music (for
example: like that of Eminem ñ which the FAGGOT strongly dislikes
since Eminem has many humiliating lyrics against FAGGOTs), then the
slave must provide that music for the Master and collect photos and
clippings of that entertainer and place them around the fag's home
for the bitch to admire and worship as the Master laughs at his
ability to order this. He can even make the bitch slave to create a
scrapbook of photos of such a singer if he wants to give that order
and just laugh at his slave for following it.

At any given point, when the Master permits his bitch to take him out
for a meal, the Straight guy can put his foot up on the seat along
side his bitch and just say the words, "kiss it" to which the slave
MUST kiss the Straight guy's foot at that moment. The Jock may order
this at ANY time that is amusing to him. The fag will then pay for
the check at all times. The Straight guy will know that foot lickers
pay his way all the time, just to be able to kiss his feet.

Since the Straight Jock is his god, it is the duty of the FAGGOT to
make offerings at his Master's feet. These items are things in which
the Heterosexual Master has expressed an interest. The slave must
place these at his feet, begging him to take them and kissing his
feet for each one that the Straight Master takes.

The only water that a foot FAGGOT can drink to say alive is water
that has washed his Master's feet or his Straight Jock's dirty bath
water. This will be kept in gallon jugs and the FAGGOT will live the
rest of his live drinking water that has cleaned the body and feet of
a Heterosexual Stud Jock.

Whenever the FAGGOT has the honor of driving his Straight Master some
place, the bitch must open the door for his Master, then close it
after he gets in. When the Jock desires, the slave must lay on the
asphalt or cement for the Master to step on to get into the car.

The sissy foot bitch FAGGOT must inform his Straight god of how much
he worships the Jock's toe jam and how he lives for the honor of
paying him to lick it out and swallowing every bit, at which time, he
must always pay the Straight Stud for having been given the honor of
eating his nasty, hot, Straight toe sweat.

The Straight Jock Stud knows that FAGGOTs need to be told what to do
in every situation. The Master can order the FAGGOT to make himself
some good old "FAG STATE U. SOUP" ñ this is made by taking a pair
of the Straight guy's really sweaty work out socks and place them in
two cups of water. The FAGGOT then begs the Jock to spit in the water
several times then pleads with him to clip his dirty toe nails and
drop them in the pot. The final ingredient would be for the Master to
take a piss in the pot of soup. The FAGGOT then stirs it till the
socks are clean. Now the soup is ready for the pallet of the lowest
of foot slaves! Make him savor every drop and pay for the honor.

The Straight Jock will order the FAGGOT as to how often the sissy
bitch is to telephone him, just to say, "Your Highness, I'm in love
with your feet." This could be once a day, once a week or whenever
the Straight Jock commands it to be done for his amusement. The
FAGGOT must do it or he pays a heavy penalty to the Master's wallet.

Where else can you go to work where you can drink, smoke or get high
while you sit back, making the "boss" worship your feet. You give the
orders & tell the "boss" what gifts to buy for you. You look at
Playboy magazines or hot X flicks while your are being paid more than
ANY job you've ever had. You have your feet kissed. You have total
control over the company and the "boss". (And you are now the BOSS!)

It becomes common knowledge to the Heterosexual Stud that when he
wiggles his sweaty toes in a FAGGOT's face, the bitch becomes excited
by this and completely weak to his Master. You can order him to do
anything when you just wiggle your macho toes in a fag's face while
laughing at his humiliation of getting "turned on" by this. Your toe
wiggling is complete power over a foot FAGGOT sissy.

When a Straight Jock has a paper due for a class or a report to done
for work, the FAGGOT bitch must type it up while the Master takes a
nap. Then he kisses the Stud's feet for the honor of doing his work.

It is without question that the most reverent place for a FAGGOT's
nose it between his Straight Stud's toes. For the jock to allow the
sissy to place his nose between the guy's big toe and second toe is
where nature meant for the fag's nose to belong. The Stud can laugh
at his ability to make the foot licker beg to hold his nose in that
spot and breathe deeply to intake the toe jam sweat and the moisture
that a real man's toes creates in this sacred spot. The heterosexual
should often have the FAGGOT just hold his nose between the toes
while the Stud looks at a Playboy Magazine and just ignores the bitch
since he was born to be in that position.

The FAGGOT must often beg to buy the oldest, most used and sweaty
jock strap or boxer briefs from his athletic Straight Master. If the
Stud decides to sell it to him, the FAGGOT will wear it over his head
with the piss stained pouch over his nose. He must wear this during
the day while doing activities around the house and if the Master
orders it, he must be photographed wearing it for his Jock Master's
amusement. It is like a crown for a FAGGOT to have a Heterosexual
Jock pull his very stained underwear from his gym bag and pull it
over the head of his fag slave. The Master can just look at him and
laugh as he takes the cash for giving the bitch such an honor.

The Straight Stud should often trample the FAGGOT under his feet.
This can be done with his shoes on or off and with socks on or off.
The guy should show the sissy that this is why he was created ñ to be
walked on and stood upon by heterosexual jocks. The Stud may stand on
the bitch's chest, face, arms, hands, back, and anywhere that he
wishes to trample his slave. It is an honor for the fag to be able to
say that a Straight Jock walks all over me and I worship him for it.

Whenever needed, the Heterosexual Stud will order his FAGGOT to do
his grocery shopping, and pay for it. The fag will do the shopping,
pay for it, bring it back to his place, put everything away and kiss
his feet for given the honor of doing this. The Jock will laugh that
the FAGGOT has to do this because he is in love with the Macho god's
feet! Once again, Straight Jocks get everything that they want from

The FAGGOT will never forget his place in the status of life:
The GODS are: Heterosexual guys who wipe their feet on FAGGOTs
The BITCHES are: the FAGGOT foot licking, sissy, homo slaves who were
born to treat the Straight, athletic guys like gods
This is the set status of all society. Fags will know this or have it
slapped into them.

The most important thing to a FAGGOT is building the ego of his
Straight god. He must always pamper the Stud, tell him how perfect he
is, compliment him, and beg to worship the feet of such a superior
specimen of Manhood. Whatever is needed to build the ego of a
Heterosexual, must be done by the FAGGOT.

Whenever the Macho, Straight Stud needs a co-signer on a loan, car,
or anything, his bitch MUST co-sign the papers and fill the feet of
the Jock with kisses for permitting him this honor. Naturally, if the
Jock decides to skip any payments, the FAGGOT has to pay it and beg
forgiveness of the Straight Stud for the loan company making it
inconvenient for the Master.

A FAGGOT's mouth is the open receptacle for anything that a
Heterosexual Stud wishes to shove into it. This can include such
humiliating things as: spit, toe jam; toes, piss, cum, toe nails, a
Straight guy's cock; the Jock's innersoles of his sneakers; and
anything the Stud mentions right now.
The fag will pay for this honor and thank his god for finding a
useful purpose for his mouth.

The Straight Jock may give an "misconduct ticket" to his FAGGOT
whenever he thinks that homo has done something the displeases the
Master. This ticket is treated as legal and the fag must pay the
Heterosexual Stud the price that the Stud places as the fee on the
ticket. Then the toe jam eater must kiss the Jock's feet for issuing
a "homoticket".

The Straight sports Jock will demand a "report card" from his FAGGOT.
The Master will read through it, and be amused at the categories,
then take the card with him and fill out the grades and comments and
bring it back on his next visit to issue with commands and grades of
his humiliation of being a foot fag. The Heterosexual may assess
punishments on the report card or make the fag pay for certain grades
and scores.

The straight can personalize his foot licker bitch by giving him a
new name. The FAGGOT can be called that name at anytime by the Jock.
Anything to amuse the heterosexual stud.
(for example if the jock decides that the bitch's name will
be "Toejam" from now on, then that is his name.)

The FAGGOT should be trained in the ART of SUCKING a Heterosexual
guy's toes the way the Stud would suck on a hot woman's tits. Toe
sucking sessions will be set up by the Master and the fag will
practice sucking the toes of the Jock for hours while the Stud
watches a movie or takes a nap. This toe suck training will be graded
and the bitch has to pay the god for giving him the honor of
practicing on his macho, sweaty toes.

Most Heterosexual Masters happen to be Republicans. FAGGOTs are known
to be liberal democrats. From this point on, the Straight Jock will
order his bitch to vote a strict Republican ballot and the bitch must
make donations to the Republican Party. The fag must kiss the
Republican Jock's feet and those of all his Republican buddies to
laugh and show how democrats are to always treat the Republican gods.
They can photograph this and make it a poster for the Republican
conventions to show where democrats place in life is to be.

All FAGGOT foot slaves must obtain a fag license (similar to that of
a dog license). This will be purchased from his Heterosexual Master,
and the bitch dog must get a pendent with the registration
information showing who he belongs to and what foot licking name has
been given to him by his Straight Master. This will always be worn
around the neck of the FAGGOT to show the god of his power over foot
licking FAGGOTs.

FAGGOTs need it when Heterosexual Studs will sit on their faces! To
whiff the ass of a Straight Jock is one of the best gifts a fag can
get. Fags must also kiss and lick the bicycle seats of their Masters.
A fag's face can hold the superior ass of his Jock for as long as his
Master wants to sit on it. The fag must pay for it.

If the Straight Jock is truly man enough, he will consider pissing in
his FAGGOT bitch's open mouth and force the homo to pay for such an
honor. The fag will be trained to not spill a drop and pay extra for
the honor of receiving the juice of a god!

The Heterosexual can chew gum as long as he wants, then as a treat,
he can sell the chewed gum to his FAGGOT bitch by spitting it into
the slave's mouth for him to chew when the Stud is finished with it.
The fag must pay for this as the Jock is amused that he will treat
foot fags in this manner.