Everyone's going to read this

I've been watching the goings-on in this scene lately in many different places and I have to say, most of you really need to step up your game.  I'm not just talking about fags here - this goes for masters too.  I've blogged before about some of the shit masters do that is just plain embarrassing, but what I've seen lately just takes it to a whole new level.  I'll start with a few things for you hopeless faggots to think about.

  • This scene, much like the field of economics (my own personal field of study and work) is an efficient market with no restrictions, bans, or lack of variety. You bitches need to really take the time to find what you're actually looking for, and not settle until you find it. Take your hands off your fagsticks for a second and critically assess the master you're talking to. If he doesn't thrill and hypnotize you, and strongly motivate you to clean yourself out, you can probably do better. And you should. I know you whores are all about the eye candy and instant gratification, but relationships like this absolutely must be truly rewarding to have any shot at being sustainable long term.
  • Don't paint us all with the same brush - sure, the primary motivator for about 80% of masters is the cash, but other doms are interested also in truly destroying you from the inside out, creatively and effectively. So, before you judge every dom you see as another "hot guy who wants $" - try reading about him, getting to know him, and see how compatible you might be.  Be authentic - most of you will call any master a "god" if he gets you hot enough. If you're going to worship, (and we expect you to), then you better fucking do it properly, and the only way to do that is to truly know us for who we are.
  • Reasonable expectations - there's a fine line between figuring out what you can expect from a master by asking him questions.... and drawing it out/baiting.  Any master worth their salt won't ever be baited - it doesn't happen to us. That being said, any new dom you talk to should be OK with answering your questions - you have a right to know that you're paying a legit guy, and its important to determine compatibility.  Just be truthful and concise when you ask, spit it out and don't take forever about it - remember that our time is worth something, yours isn't.  This really isn't about you at all, and it never was. Your only role in this is to find the master who keeps you firmly in your place most powerfully. 
  • We're not here to get you off and we never were - if you do, good for you homo. But that's not the point - the point is that you take and stay in your rightful natural place. We are the only ones who ensure that you get kicked back into your metaphorical (and sometimes real) cages. When did you fuckers forget this? We are here as constant reminders that you're all pathetically inferior.  If we didn't, who would? The government? Not likely - they are still lying to you about equality.  Be thankful for us in more ways than just paying - show us how thankful you are - prove it. Out of a random sample of 100 faggots, I'd say 15 of them are true subs.  And true subs make the rest of you just look stupid and ridiculous. Find a faggot who is regarded as a true sub and fucking learn something from him - thats the bar to aspire to.

Stuff for masters to think about:

  • This scene has experienced a new rush of masters too - and the bottom line is, 60% of you are going to burn out and disappear. That's just the way it is. Longevity in this scene is attributable to a long list of qualities, some are natural, others can be learned. I see a lot of complaining about "fake fags" but you guys need to look in the mirror here too. If all you get are fakes, and are getting frustrated as fuck, then it could be that you're just not a very good master.  Not every guy is automatically entitled to every fag's cash - and if you came into this thinking it was gonna be a cakewalk, I bet you learned pretty quick that that's not the case.
  • Some of you guys don't even conduct yourselves in a manner that would make anyone respect you, forget faggots - some of you are just plain jackasses and not in the good way. Show some respect for the guys who made and run this site, and make this community accessible to you.  Stop trampling on other doms, and respect their property. Show some tact and a shred of class before you message a slave who is owned - and if you don't know if she is, ask. You just make yourself look like a desperate moron otherwise.  
  • If you want to be successful at this, be open to learning, and instead of trying to tear each other down, get to know other doms and talk to them about this scene.  We are all here as a collective of rulers, to subjugate the inferior class.  Going apeshit on each other and squabbling about pointless shit just reveals immaturity and insecurity - you think fags are gonna respond to that? No master is going to get every slave. What are you trying to prove?
  • Some of the messages I see are stomach-turning - "hey u dum shittels, no mercy!  wot fag gonna buy me a truck...." <----no. just no. stop now.
  • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ As an editor, a teacher, and an academic, I just shake my head at this...nothing reveals the failure of our education system more than witnessing quotes similar to the one above...honestly
  • Don't act like a hooker - I really should even have to say this, but here it is. Telling fags that you'll satisfy their every desire, be available for them as a piece of meat or eye candy on cam...etc.. is a lot like "loving them long time". You might as well operate a "rub n tug" business for all the good that does.  You're not a hooker, are you? Then why are you acting like it? Gonna run a 1-900 service? Why not just put an ad in the paper and advertise a psychic hotline? Seriously. Draw the line somewhere.

Thats it for now - chew on that, bitches.  You fagslaves know how to get a hold of Me. No mercy on your pathetic souls.  Masters, raise the bar a little bit - 'cuz the shit some of you is just lame LOL

*its Ma$ter-KM*

Master Dellertronic
well written as always KM.... we can only hope that people take note
^ ^ thx guys - means a lot coming from u two
Gives me hope, thank You Sir
Thank you for posting this Sir. Agree with every word.
I can see the time you put into this. Everyone reading this should be thankful for your time and the sharing of your wisdom. Very well done Sir.
^ thx bud
^ All my posts are like this lol
LOL I don't even know where to begin on that one...
Always the greatest....always have been, always will...
well done