Cash faggots crack me up...

Really, you've gotta laugh at them. Took about 45 minutes to get $112 out of this one, but his compulsive drive to lose his cash through fees upon fees amused me enough so that I felt like it was worth my time. Thanks, vk. You made a real ass out of yourself! lol....

faggot_vk: hi sir
faggot_vk: thank you for adding me
AndYouLookStupid: Not a problem, dipshit.
faggot_vk: like being taxes for unfair reasons, paying fees associated, penalties, put into debt with interest to pay, pay per view, pay for inexistant or dumb stuff, rules, games, lots of small amount to add to each others, percentage, regular use, be an atm... Could you use me ?
AndYouLookStupid: No problem, dumbass. I've got a great "game" for you.
faggot_vk: Thank you sir
faggot_vk: please let me play
AndYouLookStupid: Whenever you contact me, you'll owe me $10 plus .01 per character.
AndYouLookStupid: You already owe me $13.12.
faggot_vk: Thank you sir to be so generous
AndYouLookStupid: lol
AndYouLookStupid: Sure, dumbass!
AndYouLookStupid: Fucking moron.
faggot_vk: can i pay what i own sir please ?
AndYouLookStupid: Yep, and I'll give you an updated total. Got a PayPal account?
faggot_vk: yes sir
AndYouLookStupid: Address: [email protected]
AndYouLookStupid: Send $13.83, stupid.
faggot_vk: Yes sir
AndYouLookStupid: It'll give me a laugh.
faggot_vk: paid sir thank you
AndYouLookStupid: Okay, let me check.
faggot_vk: it is really generous to have make me pay for free
AndYouLookStupid: Oh, it's my pleasure, shithead.
AndYouLookStupid: In fact, I'm going to be even more generous with you.
AndYouLookStupid: I'm going to let you pay not only for every character that you type, but also every character that I type! lol
faggot_vk: Thank you
AndYouLookStupid: And our usernames will count too.
faggot_vk: you are a great master
AndYouLookStupid: lol... And you're an absolute idiot!
faggot_vk: I know sir
AndYouLookStupid: How'd you get to be so dumb?
faggot_vk: I do my best sir
AndYouLookStupid: lol... Lots of practice, I'm sure.
AndYouLookStupid: So, what if I just decide to type a bunch of garbage, just to run up the charges?
faggot_vk: I would prefer that you humiliate me sir
faggot_vk: or make me pay taxes
AndYouLookStupid: I can do that - anytime.
AndYouLookStupid: But I figure that the character count charges also act as your Stupidity Tax.
AndYouLookStupid: It's pretty stupid to pay for letters, isn't it?
faggot_vk: Yes Sir
AndYouLookStupid: But you'll do it, I'm sure.
faggot_vk: Of course Sir
AndYouLookStupid: You live in Oklahoma City?
faggot_vk: no sir in france
AndYouLookStupid: Ah, okay. I someone in Paris. I should have you go visit him so he can laugh at you.
faggot_vk: It would be an honnor sir
AndYouLookStupid: He's in Le Perreux Sur Marne. Where are you?
faggot_vk: not in paris im in britanny right now
faggot_vk: who is this person ?
AndYouLookStupid: Ah, okay. Just someone I know.
AndYouLookStupid: He enjoys humiliation scenes.
faggot_vk: so he is a master ?
AndYouLookStupid: I think he could go either way, so he might not be the right one for you.
AndYouLookStupid: But it would still be funny to send you to him.
AndYouLookStupid: I'd have him shove your head in a toilet and take pictures.
faggot_vk: this would be great
AndYouLookStupid: Yeah, and it would be appropriate for a shithead like you.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir
AndYouLookStupid: How do you like to have your money taken from you? Cash, gift cards?
faggot_vk: cash sir i dont have amazon
AndYouLookStupid: No problem. Let's check your total..
AndYouLookStupid: Whoa.. You're up to $34.08.
faggot_vk: It goes really fast sir
AndYouLookStupid: You've sent $13.83 already, so that means you owe $20.25. Pay up, sucker.
AndYouLookStupid: Yeah, it does. Sucks to be you, doesn't it.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir, so is it still free for me to pay the tax sir ?
AndYouLookStupid: lol... Well, it was until you asked that question.
AndYouLookStupid: You just added an extra $10 penalty to your fee. Nice job, moron!
AndYouLookStupid: $30.25 now due.
faggot_vk: Thank you Sir
AndYouLookStupid: It's good for you.
AndYouLookStupid: Maybe you'll learn something from it.
faggot_vk: paid Sir
AndYouLookStupid: Good job. One of these days you'll learn.
faggot_vk: Ihope Sir
AndYouLookStupid: Just stick with me and you'll learn a LOT.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir thank you to teach me
faggot_vk: I am really grateful
AndYouLookStupid: How do you think you learn best? Financial penalties? Or physical humiliation or pain?
faggot_vk: penalties sir
AndYouLookStupid: Okay, dumbass. Do you want to keep track of your fees or do you prefer that I do it for you? (I'm always fair, of course. haha...)
faggot_vk: Please do it for me sir
AndYouLookStupid: No problem. There's a fee for that, though.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir
AndYouLookStupid: It's an extra $5 for me to do it, and it gets charged every time I count.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir
AndYouLookStupid: Is it time for me to count again, stupid?
faggot_vk: Please sir
AndYouLookStupid: Good answer. Hold on.
AndYouLookStupid: You owe another $15.07 for the text, $10 to send your payment, and $5 because I counted it for you. That's $30.07 you owe me, asshole.
faggot_vk: Could I pay 15,07 now and the rest later sir ?
AndYouLookStupid: lol.. Yeah, but then there's a penalty for that.
AndYouLookStupid: How much later are you talking about?
faggot_vk: Right after sir
AndYouLookStupid: Okay. 10% penalty for that, douchebag.
AndYouLookStupid: On both amounts.
faggot_vk: Thank you sir could calculate for me sir ?
AndYouLookStupid: Pay $16.58 now.
AndYouLookStupid: And then $16.50 right after that.
AndYouLookStupid: Those penalties really add up, don't they, stupid?
faggot_vk: paid sir
AndYouLookStupid: Nice. Feel like you're being used yet?
faggot_vk: Yes sir
faggot_vk: Thank you
AndYouLookStupid: Good. That's what we want, isn't it...
AndYouLookStupid: You need to feel like you've been robbed.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir
AndYouLookStupid: And if you don't pay, I'll just take even more later.
faggot_vk: I know sir
faggot_vk: debt grows fast
faggot_vk: Is there a tax I have to pay to be robbed ?
AndYouLookStupid: It sure does. How many credit cards do you have?
faggot_vk: One sir
AndYouLookStupid: If you want to feel truly robbed and fucked, then yeah, there's a tax of $100 for that benefit.
faggot_vk: This is too much Sir, I prefer dont be robbed
AndYouLookStupid: Ha. Alright. We'll just stick with the usual fees to fuck you over.
faggot_vk: Thank you Sir
AndYouLookStupid: But if you need to be slapped hard, I can arrange that for an additional $10.
faggot_vk: be slapped ?
AndYouLookStupid: Yeah. Some retards like you want to be slapped in the face when I take their cash.
AndYouLookStupid: Maybe you just need financial fucking and nothing more.
faggot_vk: but you are not around to slap me sir
AndYouLookStupid: You can imagine it for an extra $10.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir, please could I
AndYouLookStupid: But I think we need to get you caught up on your payments first.
faggot_vk: Right Sir
AndYouLookStupid: Hold on, idiot.
AndYouLookStupid: Another 2067 characters = $20.67 + $10 payment fee + $5 for counting fee = $35.67
AndYouLookStupid: How many payments do you need to make on that?
faggot_vk: Just One sir
AndYouLookStupid: Ah, okay. Then send $35.67, plus another $10 if you want to be virtually slapped.
AndYouLookStupid: Dumbfuck.
faggot_vk: Yes sir I would have thought that eve if it was one payment you would have add interest, but thank you sir
AndYouLookStupid: Nah. The interest only comes when you divide up your payments.
faggot_vk: Paid Sir
faggot_vk: I didnt take the virtual option though
AndYouLookStupid: Not a problem. I'd rather see you slapped for real anyway.
AndYouLookStupid: How often do you like to be financially fucked?
faggot_vk: 2 or 3 times a week sir
AndYouLookStupid: Nice. I'd like to have you stand in front of me. I'd take a roll of bills and shove them in your mouth.
AndYouLookStupid: And then take them one by one and treat you like a human ATM.
faggot_vk: It would be an honor sir
AndYouLookStupid: Yeah, you'd look pretty stupid. I'd like that.
faggot_vk: Thank you sir
faggot_vk: I am stupid
AndYouLookStupid: LOL
AndYouLookStupid: Really? What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
faggot_vk: be a moneyslave sir
AndYouLookStupid: lol... Long term or short term?
faggot_vk: its been 6 months now sir
AndYouLookStupid: How many guys have taken cash from you, dumbass?
faggot_vk: 15 or 20
AndYouLookStupid: lol... You're a fuckin cash slut!
faggot_vk: Yes sir
AndYouLookStupid: Everybody's getting a turn at you.
faggot_vk: Yes sir
AndYouLookStupid: You should wear a t-shirt that says, "Cash Rape This Faggot"
faggot_vk: Its true sir
AndYouLookStupid: And on the back of the shirt, it should say "KICK MY ASS HARD".
faggot_vk: I wish I own you debt sir you are a great master
AndYouLookStupid: Oh yeah? You could add my name to your credit card account. I'll put you in debt, asshole.
faggot_vk: Yes Sir
AndYouLookStupid: I'd love to watch you lose everything because of me.
faggot_vk: It would be difficult
AndYouLookStupid: Why?
faggot_vk: to have no money
AndYouLookStupid: lol... Oh yeah, that.
AndYouLookStupid: Who cares?
faggot_vk: nobody sir
AndYouLookStupid: lol... Don't worry. I won't take everything. I'll still leave you with a one-room apartment with a small mattress on the floor.
faggot_vk: You are really kind sir
AndYouLookStupid: LOL
AndYouLookStupid: You'd be a great slave to own.
AndYouLookStupid: Hey - I've got a great idea - let's play Time To Pay again!
faggot_vk: oh please sir
AndYouLookStupid: Oh sure. And this time, I think we should add something random. I see that it's 5:49pm here in California. So let's add $5.49 to your total, shall we?
faggot_vk: Please sir
AndYouLookStupid: Okay. Hold on. moron.
AndYouLookStupid: Okay. You've added 2820 characters, so that $28.20 + $10 payment fee + $5 counting fee + $5.49. Add it all up, fucker.
AndYouLookStupid: Can you add? You might be too stupid.
faggot_vk is typing...
faggot_vk: I have to go Sir , I will pay another time
AndYouLookStupid: lol.... Okay, loser.
AndYouLookStupid: Have a shitty night.
faggot_vk has signed out. (4/22/2012 5:52 PM)