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Young cocky dom cashmaster looking for a slave to use and drain love to laugh as i cash rape you 8in bbc 12.5feet and know i deserve to be worship come get put in place
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Stupid ass fagot
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"Sir may I do something for your enjoyment and entertainment I will do anything humiliating for your pleasure to receive the laughter of such a great and amazing master like your self and your alpha friends would be so much more then a worthless fag like me deserves I will do anything I will send you pictures and videos I will do anything even wear and use a diaper just so you can bask in my worthlessness please let me show my devotion and admiration for a great master alpha male like yourself I am begging you" on Legendary_JR's wall.
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you gotta speak the alpha language queer fuck. $
"Please sir make me do something humiliating for your enjoyment" on masterjack's wall.
masterjack is online.
$$$$ is my enjoyment
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Stupid ass fagot
I wish I was this fag slave so bad Having the absolute honor of warring its masters old crusty jock over its head is a dream come true for all fagot slaves I wish I could wear a real mans old jock o...
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"Thank you so much master jack for excepting my request to follow your every command you are beyond perfect" on masterjack's wall.
Stupid ass fagot
He is such a lucky fag slave I can only dream of being him
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