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i genuine slave needs a Master to serve well
Master MC
faggots, bois and slaves: Master MC is online now: Yahoo Messenger ID: master_mc_dom - if you wanna chat
Master MC
Jed Conti
On my knees licking all over Master
Master MC
thankyou MASTER for accepting faggot into your friends list ....
Master MC
this is a great site but what I don't get is why faggots are alllowed to hide their profiles - since when do bitches have a right to privacy? and faggotsteve who the hell are ya?
- Master Pimp is online.
this is a Masters site for sure, but unfortunately some members come here and scam members, beg them and sometimes harass. And as much as we are a Masters site some slaves will get harassed right off the site because they didnt pay one master or whatever.

Well come to find out that slave may be a goo...
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"use abuse torture? u got it faggot" on yourfaggot's wall.
Master MC
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