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Listen up, pigs, faggots, slaves and footstools. Master Johnny’s been gone for a while enjoying life and living the alpha lifestyle, but he’s back and better than ever. Im here to show you worms once ...
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1 year pro
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MasterJohnny is online.
Mark the day homos.Tomorrow is My Birthday. 11 of April
Who is the luck slave that will pay My VIP Membership for 1 year ?
Contact PIMP to pay My Vip Membership for the site .
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slaves My BDay is almost here. 11th of April,so wich of you slaves will have the honor to pay My membership that expired ??
Hit ME on skype : master.johnny26
MasterJohnny is online.
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"Message Me on skype : master.johnny26 !Hurry up it fucking cash faggot !!! This is an ORDER not a request !" on fag dirt's wall.
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