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Another glimpse into the life of an alpha! Easily ripped over 5k this May from you pathetic bitch boys while I do nothing but kick back and live! You all exist to serve me. Work, suffer and sacrifice....
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MASTER please talk me ptv
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Another foot-fag loser doing what they do best! Worshipping my sneakers and feet! This cunt couldn't get enough. Just one of my real time meets from last week. More pix avail. Get in touch to serve, s...
You know the deal, girl.
Yes would love to be Your contracted slave for life
lucky slave worshipping ur feet and shoes
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wanna be ur gurl ur cash foot slut gurl! Smile
My morning was better than yours. Sacrifice and serve, losers. It's never enough! Get in line to bow down and serve like the sissy slaves you are.
Another glimpse into the life of an alpha boss! While you fags are slaving, I'm relaxing and taxing! Taking what's mine from you whimps. Over a grand in less than 2 days. It just never stops! Get at m...
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"Fag cash confirmed, cunt!! This slut is mine. Always making master proud. Keep it up, bitch." on wolf_cunt_hole's wall.
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Thank you Sir.
Another sick and depraved faggot to expose. Message me for the rest of this losers info. Name - Matthew Pettineo Address - 7950 West Sunset Blvd Apt 308, Los Angeles, CA, 90046 Email - Thepapineod...
Triple M
master Alex give the the faggot full details
Here's a little glimpse of what my February looked like, fags. While you losers were slaving away to please and impress, I was living the alpha life and taking what I wanted. Another 5k month wrapped ...
tallen185s bitch
Master, can't wait to get you name tattooed on me. I'm proud to be you slave for life.
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Branded for life, fag!
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