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What's YOUR skype address please my KING?
Nothing but fucking sissy losers to use for my satisfaction! Almost 5k in 4 days raped and snatched from my pathetic little faggots! Always so eager and willing to obey my commands and do as I say. Yo...
fagboi720 is online.
Mater alex is 200.00 a month good im on knees begging to be ur bitch
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fagboi720 is online.
Sorry for late reply been sick in hispital
More fucking cash losers! Over 5k raped in Jan from you dirty little cunts. Nothing but worthless objects to use for my benefit. Nonstop degradation and abuse. Get on your knees and serve if you're wo...
that would take me months to earn that much money Sir
I want to make life easier for you master
Then less talk and more action you fucking faggot! Message me now.
Packages from my sissy fags never stop. Two more this afternoon. Hand over that cash and get stomped losers!
How was your morning? Over $500 easily raped earlier from my sissy fag slaves and the nights not even over. Just the life of an alpha! I'll be back on later. Get in line and bow down to serve.
George Lang
Love u'r feet
Three real times last week! So many loser fags to beat down and degrade. Made this sissy bitch beg and plead for mercy only to get none! Fall in line and drop down, faggots! Hit me up to serve.
Amazing to serve you sir !
BEG to worship ur feet sir my paypal open== my wallet ready Master! WHAT A STUD!
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