Fat Cunt

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Fat Cunt
Any UK bullies to beat up a fatty?
Master Danny
Don't start a message chain with me, and then stop replying faggot.
Fat Cunt
Any northern uk chav bullies for meets next week? Bullying and beating a fatty about.
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Fat Cunt
Love you using those arms to punch my gut about Boss
jorge is online.
pay pig bastard get ur fat ass to skype n start serving me piece of shit loser! roberto.castellano8
Fat Cunt
Too far away to beat my belly about Boss.
add me on skype:bigsamuel2
Fat Cunt
Fat Cunt
Anyone want a real meet today in the north of England to bully and abuse a fatty?
Fat Cunt
The curious case of the vanishing bully just before a meet...hmmm
Who was that?
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"Welcome back Bully Boss." on MasterSirBoss's wall.
"Decent bloke initially; but greedy and demands more and more unacceptably for minor stuff and makes up 'fines' . Be careful sadly." on MasterBailey's wall.
The fat fuck was calling and calling my Skype when i was busy so i said h had to pay a fine to get back on skype i dont see anything wrong with that
In my humble opinion,MasterBailey is a True Born Alpha God who deserves an army of slaves at His Holy Feet in devoted worship & servitude.
MasterBailey is a true Alpha!
Total agreement....MasterBailey was born to own & control lowlife scum from His rightful place in the world,ruling over & abusing the fagscum crawling on the floor at His Holy Feet....MasterBailey is God
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