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"fag... come n talk n be relaxed in the knowledge your sleazy fetish will be catered... I'm gonna make your lowly self see the light and embrace that an ATM, a slut such as you can live to please an alpha, make him happy... look up servitude boy" on jayfagg's wall.
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bigfagdade is online.
U like having ur personal ATM's ?
"HNY faglets chat - its been a long time - get ya kneeling" on SW-fag's wall.
"am i seeing a repeated pattern slave, a fag getting off on MEN, ALPHA'S but not allowing its real fetish to flourish and get the better. Listen; you were born this way, not a boy, not a girl, a faggot; id force you in panties, and make you sit to piss, making you feel lowly, make you drink piss, half a pint with the lads down the local - your paying! My Skype is dageeza and another called alpha_cmuk - paypal is [email protected] and if your UK based you can release my money directly to my account. Servitude is the basis of your life; obey, get to grips with your fetish and be as lowly as the next real cunt here - you made a profile cos your an ATM - get to work boy" on slavetopayalphas's wall.
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invite bro.... pint yeh
$erve Skype: dageeza Come n get mind fucked
kneel homo - now fucking open that wallet fuck u find me on skype as dageeza
oi homos - come n chat to me on skype: dageeza
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"get on to skpye faggotdageeza" on sleazelo's wall.
fags... come n crawl her to alpha_cmuk British/German legend!

Fuck that mind up n rape that wallet... get here cunt n serve me here or skype: dageeza or via twitter alpha_cmuk

cum n serve the british ki...
your addiction is my cash
get here and serve
be loyal
be honest

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